About Ceramic Auto Spa

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Keeping our clients satisfied is our #1 priority.
Ceramic Auto Spa is a locally owned and operated business founded in 2006. Providing proven automotive reconditioning solutions for over two decades, we are recognized as a leading entity in the automotive industry. We have served more than thousands of vehicles of varied sizes, makes and models. We strive for excellence in customer service, quality, and satisfaction. Offering ease and convenience, we have fully equipped workshops along with a team of professionals to ensure mobile services.


We aim to become a market leader reputed for their quality,
commitment and dedication.

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We have a panel of the best technicians and experts who bend backward to ensure top-notch results. No matter how complex your vehicle’s needs are, we strive to offer budget-friendly and long-lasting solutions. Our team consists of car detailers, paint technicians, and dent repair specialists. We only hire experienced staff who focus on even the most minor detail. We get the job done the first time and meet the highest possible standards in car care.

Meet The

Glen Leight, owner and expert technician, has over 20 years of experience in Automotive Reconditioning. He specializes in Advanced Dent Removal and Nano Ceramic Coatings. Glen started his own business out of a need to provide a convenient, cost effective, high quality option for minor repairs and services. He personally manages all jobs. His desire for excellence makes him ideal for the craft, as both detailing and repairs require patience and skill to achieve quality professional results.