About Scratch Dent Auto Spa

Pioneers In The Professional Automotive Reconditioning Industry.

What is your recommended maintenance regime?
We advise vehicle owners to get a complete maintenance check every 12 months. The experts thoroughly decontaminate the vehicle by removing the road tar, tree sap, dents, and scratches using different solutions and techniques, including applying a ceramic coating to the vehicle's surface.
How long does the ceramic coat last?
It depends upon the type of coating you choose. Each category comes with its own value and time of resistance. Some of the strong coatings ensure resistance for many years to come.
How do I keep the car clean in the meantime?
You can wipe your car regularly and wash it with a good quality detergent weekly or monthly. You have to get hydrophobic sprays and PH-neutral shampoos to make sure your vehicle stays well-maintained.
Why should you fix hail damage ASAP?
The longer you wait to fix your dent, the riskier it gets to keep your vehicle safe. The dents can create huge damage to your vehicle, permanently affecting its lifetime value. Hence, we recommend getting your fixed inspected and fixed without any delay.
Is it worth getting my car scratches fixed?
Scratches not only affect the overall look of your car but impacts its value as well. When the paint is scratched, the vehicle is exposed to severe environmental damage. Water, dirt, soil, heat, cold, and debris all can affect your vehicle, causing rusting of metal and many other problems. Hence, it's advisable to get your vehicle fixed and get the coating or painting service to have a well-maintained vehicle.